Thursday, February 19, 2009

who do you think is the official band of Emergent?

As things have gotten terribly busy at work and my iPod has gone missing, I have not been able to take care of a couple of blog postings I am in the middle of contemplating, both music related (why else would my lack of iPod be a concern). Without the iPod, it is difficult to dig deeply into an artist throughout the day/ week. However, here is a taste of what I am working on.

Some guy mentioned Guinness as the "official" Emergent beer. I thought this was presumptuous until I realized it is as decent a choice as any, especially since it is not everywhere, takes a discerning taste bud, has a good back story and is universally respected, even though it is not in the league of the greatest brews in the world, it is probably the single greatest Beer in human history fit for mass consumption. I think the guy was complimenting Emergent with this choice. 

As I thought through his choice I asked myself why someone would try to come up with an official beer, unless he was trying to tie a product to a movement to give outsiders a handle. I then started thinking of other "official" products of Emergent. I am working on that. However, I am also working on the "official" band of Emergent. I think I am almost there. But, I cannot share it yet. 

It will not be who you think. If you have time, send me WHO you think I will choose (but not why, please).


Anonymous said...

no doubt, it must be radiohead

and i would vote for chimay (or trappist bieres in general) as the 'official beer'. though not as accessible, it seems to be the go to beer when it is available. besides, no one has had a real guinness unless they have had it in dublin proper. this stuff they sell here is not guinness, it is a spoiled version of the almost perfect nectar of the just doesn't travel well.

Anonymous said...

i think i'd agree that the EV band is radiohead... or maybe coldplay.

DJ Word said...

Coldplay? No you didn't just say, "Coldplay."

vaguely spiritual. overly emotive and emotional. Aping other musicians with no sense of originality. Copying there own songs on each album (rewriting the same song). usually trite lyrical output with simplistic rhyme schemes. 1 good song on each album. Peaked on album 2 with 4 good songs.

I know you were joking just to get me riled up.

Coldplay, the official band of Ed Young-like "relevant" churches.

Anonymous said...


Listening to your music commentary which hinges away from the obvious I doubt you will agree with my assessment that it's an easy choice. ;-P

U2 is the band of emergent.

They have been the only band who I can think of to really process spirituality and humanity in an emergent way for over twenty years and do it with respect and great music. "Where The Streets Have No Name" was emergent before people knew what it was.

Radiohead is a good band but they don't have the broad appeal that U2 has or had, nor the respect of a larger audience, thus they speak for only a small percentage.

U2's ability musically and lyrically (and I would argue their political messages on human rights) has allowed them to transition to that larger audience in a more wholistic way.

I can think of no band or artist to reach that level of influence.

DJ Word said...

I would agree that U2 is the obvious choice. They fit all the criteria. However, they may fit the criteria for so many things that they are too big, too popular and too "everything" for Emergent.

They were my first choice, until I found something I think is a bit more appropriate.

No one has mentioned them yet.

The obvious choice is not my choice.

mark said...

bill mallonee or waterdeep, or maybe khrusty brothers

DJ Word said...

Mark- While not THE band, you mentioned 2 more of my main nominees. I think within the Christian music scene Waterdeep is the band.

And, Bill is one of the parton saints. I seriously considered him and have him in my top 3-4 of the best examples of what should be our "official" band.

Seth said...

Sufjan Stevens

Songs about spiritual stuff. Songs about regualr stuff. Reclaiming the "old" (i.e. his Christmas albums)

A little bit whiny and depressed, and super white. (I'm not being mean, this would be a very apt description of me as well.)

I'd like it if the choice could be Woody Guthrie though.