Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch where you are walking in my state

Raising Children in Florida is a bit different than raising kids in the real world. Kids find things such as high humidity, bugs and snakes on the sidewalk normal. The beach is a conventional activity which excites less than the playground, while mountains, snow and culture are the stuff of legend. You slather on bug spray and sunscreen to go outside and dare not venture to the back yard in the summer, lest you are attacked by mosquitoes and other assorted flying creatures.

Amusement parks, golf, tennis and every dialect of Spanish are part of your every day experience (my kids think Amusement Parks are average experiences of every day life. But, if you live 3 miles from one it is stupid to not buy season passes), as are monster trucks, hurricane watches, predators and palm trees. You think the odd is unexceptional, while you miss the beauty surrounding you every day.Crazy people are everywhere and you need to pay attention to where you walk, since old people do not pay attention on the roads or in parking lots. It was the way I grew up. Heck, I thought it was commonplace to have a dog bitten by rattlesnakes every year, explore sinkholes/ underwater caves and ski/ swim in alligator or shark infested waters.

In fact, when we go to the zoo, aquarium or any other "natural" place, my kids are unimpressed with alligators. They are like snowbirds and drunk spring breakers, just part of the scenery and more common than someone graduating from a Florida school with a good education. That said, apparently I need to teach my kids to watch where they are walking in parking lots for a reason besides idiotic drivers.

This guy was found car shopping one block from my parents' house yesterday.

This one was found trying to deliver pizza at some Tampa lady's doorstep last week.

This guy trying to raid someone's fridge last year.


kristi said...

holy gator, they found that top one near your PARENTS' house?! good grief. i need to keep marley indoors at all times...this morning he was barking hysterically at the back of our yard, and it scared the crap out of me.

mike murrow said...

well, i live in paradise so i can't really give a comparison but when i lived on Big Bear Mt in the 909/Inland Empire in SoCal one could swap out Alligator for Bear. I had one break down a door and raid my fridge for a tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and a Case of Pepsi not once but twice. And of course it pooped everywhere just in case I didn't notice it was there.

And of course in Santa Cruz we have our own version of old people = bad drivers... bicycle enthusiasts. but you don't feel as guilty when you run them over.