Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Real debateable subjects

after all the debate surrounding my posts on a kinder gentler Internet and blog bullies, here are some much more interesting things for you to read and debate... with me or with others.

  • Did the Beatles destroy Rock and Roll? The NPR post, the website and the book review. Instead of helping us "join together" did the Beatles make us tear apart into smaller race based sub genres? Very provocative stuff and more worthy of debate and conflict than anything theological or political. As an armchair rock historian, I am terribly interested in this premise, even if I disagree with it right now. Who says there are no original ideas?
  • Who is right when it comes to eating fish ethically... and does it matter? link
  • Does kissing dating goodbye create lifelong problems in dealing with the opposite sex? It has been 10 years, so we can look at it more objectively. link
  • Is Will Ferrell an annoying cod or a great comic genius? link
  • Should Scott Roeder be tortured to give up his intelligence regarding domestic terrorism if it will save lives? Link
  • Was Che a murderous oppressor of people or a revolutionary role model to be praised? link
  • What about Christians and guns? Link
Yes, I have opinions on all of these.

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