Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easiest Things to Give up For Lent

As part of my service to the community reading my blog, it is my hope to help you with practical advice.

In case you do not have an idea of what to give up for lent, but need one, consult the list below. It is helpful for those wanting to seem spiritual by engaging in the lenten practice of giving something up, but not looking to actually sacrifice anything. It can help you impress super-spiritual people.

Easiest Things To Give Up for Lent

1. Dog Fighting
2. Gang Banging
3. Cougar Town
4. Watching Football
5. Following Charlie Crist's (governor of Florida) political career
6. Keeping track of Health Care Reform and the Democratic majority
7. Ice Dancing
8. Swimming with Sharks/ Running with Rats
9. Listening to Advice from parents
10. Taking anything John Mayer, Kanye West or Glen Beck says seriously

1 comment:

New Orleans Girl said...

- King Cake

- Parades, with the exception of the St. Patrick's Day parade. I mean, he's a Saint, and all.