Thursday, June 24, 2004



This word came out of my 2 1/2 year old's mouth a few days ago. Although I am not proud of it, my daughter has eaten fast food. 5 times. Once, out of shear desparation while living in Boston we stopped at a Wendy's late in the evening.

Gillian had some chicken thing in a children's meal and I apologized to her immediately. While moving to Florida we stopped at a Sonic once. I am not sure she had anything. Also, Kristi had a Sonic attack on the way to see my parent's once. Gillian had a grilled cheese. She has been to Chick-Fil-et (or however you spell it) 2X, but I feel very little guilt regarding that. Lastly, we have been to a wonderful fast food place in St. Pete which sells only organic food, which I don't think counts.

Gillian has never set foot in a McDonald's yet we drive past one daily. She does not watch television with commercials (we are stuck with "Finding Nemo" and "Noggin"). She has never seen Barney or the Teletubbies. Why do I confess these things?

I confess because she already knows who Ronald McDonald is and says, "McDonald's" every once in while. She has been asking to go to McSonic lately (she also asks to go to Cracker Barrel regularly. We have been twice).

They brand it into the heads of children from day 1, even if you don't eat their food. Speaking of which, my review of Supersize Me comes tomorrow.

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g13 said...

rip on the arches all you want, but stay away from the crack house. that was my home and happy place for a year and a half.