Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Many of our friends are wondering what in the world has been happening since we left Boston.

Well, we spent a week or so moving to Florida. We spent Aedan's first birthday with Kristi's family in Virginia and spent time with Kristi's sister and friends in Atlanta. Upon moving to Florida, we spent 2 weeks staying at my parent's home while my father recovered from major surgery, which went quite well. We celebrated his 80th birthday at the rehab center.

On May 1, we moved to St. Pete. We are renting a place from a snowbird from Mass who is spending the summer in Sturbridge. It is a small 3 bedroom (very) with an awesome backyard for Marley. He chases squirrels and lizards.

Kristi is working hard freelance copy editing while I am patiently (sometimes) trying to find longterm work. A couple of things we were hopeful about fell through, so we are back at square 1.

I have had the opportunity to preach once and talk to some in the area about ministry. I have also been to KC to work on an exciting project with Emergent Village. Soon there will be an initiative to bring local conversations about in an organized manner.

I will continue to update the site.

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Anonymous said...

You both are most certainly on my mind and heart. I am offering prayer for you today. Love you both.