Sunday, July 18, 2004

Finding a Church

I have a friend who is the Sales Manager of a large car dealership in Tampa Bay. I asked him when was the last time he bought a car. He told me it had been a few years.
I asked him about the process. I asked if it was difficult to buy a car from someone he did not know. I asked him if he felt comfortable in a showroom looking at cars he had no part in selling. He told me that he hated the experience. It was painful. He saw how poorly everything was done and how he would do it better. He knew he was not getting a good deal and felt uncomfortable during the entire process.
I told him I felt the same way finding a church. It is hard for a pastor who is not serving a church to attend a place he has no part in creating or leading. Since we know very few people in the area, we don't have a large level of trust in most churches. It is especially difficult after the ministry journey we have taken lately.
Hopefully we will find a ministry place in the near future or God will allow us to begin something ourselves. If not, maybe we will move to Minneapolis (too cold) or Kansas City (too far from water and too tornado happy).

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Jason said...

You can move to San Diego, sure it's always on fire and you risk the chance of falling into the pacific but besides that it's paradise!