Thursday, July 29, 2004

A real issue that will not get stage time at the conventions

Leave it to Bono to actually bring a real issue (not a political one) to both of the political conventions. Of course, no one will talk about it in a speech because the people needing the help do not vote.

Read here on AIDS in Africa. Other info includes the one campaign and DATA.


kidpositive said...

Kerry didn't talk about AIDS in africa, but he did at least have that one line near the end about science and finding cures for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and AIDS among others. While it is just one line, it's still more than Bush has mentioned on the issue.

The funny thing about the whole presciprtion drug issue is the fact that getting a drug through to the market is *incredibly* expensive, and American Pharmaceutical companies are the ones left with that task; other nation's medical scientific research doesn't even compare with our abilities here. When people complain about the whole drug cost / finding a cure issue(s), they often don't understand how that market actually operates.

Beth said...

It's true - the people needing the rest of the world (not just the USA) to do its part have almost no power, so they don't get mentioned. Hillary gave a very quick nod to it, probably because Bill and Bono are buds...