Friday, August 20, 2004

Take Back Our Faith

Although the realist in me sees very little point in doing such a thing, I have signed a petition online (which is not something I regularly do) declaring, along with thousands of people that God is Not a Republican... or a Democrat. Click here for more info. It is worth signing, even if you are a Partisan (it could make you think about stuff). Of course, God help you (and me) if we put our identity in a Political Party and actually think it matters to God.

Of course, I have felt this way forever and no one who knows me would assume I felt otherwise. However, the religious right has taken the opportunity to turn God into a Gun-Loving, Pro-War, Right Wing, Republican, Neo-Conservative, Deficit-Spending, Patriotic American (I could go on). In fact, I heard a lady a few days ago tell Bush she was happy that God was in the White House for once. I am waiting for Judge Moore from Alabama to be nominated for the Supreme Court.

Don't get me wrong, if the Left could get its act together they would want to make God into a Tax and Spend, sensitive, sweet-natured, Liberal, tree-hugging, Anti-Gun, Anti-War, Anti-Imperialist European American (not that a couple of those traits would be upgrades). Actually I have no idea what the left would do if they could control our view of God. They could not agree on anything long enough to decide (after the focus groups and town meetings they would put it out for a vote and allow all of the dissidents to share their idea, unless the dissident was pro-life).
I still ask all of us to consider a broader Christian ethic in your voting habits. Even if you choose to vote Republican across the board, do it with one hand on the lever and one hand holding your nose due to the stench of the power-mongering, money grubbing, inconsistent, hypocritical Party you feel a need to support (yes, that goes for each political party whom by its very nature is meglomainiacal and wants to rule the world- isn't that why God banished Lucifer from heaven?).

Sadly, in my life I have been proud to vote for only a few politicians and none of them for president. In MA, my congressman (I helped to elect) was a Pro-Life Democrat with a consistent position on all life issues (war, environment, abortion, the poor, death penalty). Steven Lynch was a vote I was proud to cast. I can think of a few while I was in college, but I may have been naive.

I must say on my best days I look at politics as this wonderful sport, not to be taken too seriously (unlike baseball which is to be taken seriously). I can debate with people knowing that in the end it does not matter all that much. We live in a country with founders smart enough to make sure everything moved slower than St. Pete retirees in a check out lane. Think about it...3 branches of government all in competition with each other. There is very little possibility one group of people will control all 3 branches and push an agenda which changes things so much as to destabilize the entire system (oops, I speak too soon).

On my worst days, I fall underneath this politic of fear and think politics and nation-states and bombs and guns and threat levels and Presidents and multi-national corporations actually rule the world and can do something outside of God's plans for it. God help me on those days. God help us all if we ever take the politics of this world too seriously. God help us if we ever think "God is in the White House" or "God has placed His man in the White House" or that God does not laugh at all of this (check out Psalm 2). God help us as we consistently make God into our own image (as a Democrat, Republican or American) and break the first commandment.

Anyway, the petition thing is pretty cool.


Alex F said...

Yep. I have long felt that way, and typically feel like I'm voting the lesser of two evils. There are days, frankly, when I want to just jump into the Libertarian Party (if only they were pro-life!) and forget the others.

I do tend to vote Republican because I think, in general, they are closer to my own opinions on issues, but I hate it when people buy into this idea that they are the party of righteousness and that God is the party head. The Church is often marginalizing itself as just another special interest group.

james said...

Glad you signed. I signed last week as well. Good writings Rick, good writings.

Deborah said...

Amen! I also signed after reading your blog.

g13 said...

another book you should have written. i'm sure it would have been a bit more interesting.