Thursday, September 30, 2004

Democrats Will Ban the Bible if Elected

Well, at least according to the Republican National Convention. All of my right-wing partisan friends like to put on their partisan spectacles and say the Left is much angrier and nastier than the right when it comes to lies, etc.

Well, the RNC is much nastier and better at religious manipulation, using Christ and the Bible as weapons and saying God is a Republican. I must say that I cannot get much angrier than I was at seeing the newest low from the Right.

Click on the above link and sign in to read an article from the New York Times (yes, the liberal NYT- that noone on the right even reads- they just believe Rush when he says the paper is liberal). It tell us about an official RNC mailout to churches in some states trying to scare Christians into voting for Bush. Is there nothing these people will not do?

They make the New York Yankees seem fair and balanced (does anyone else see the similarities between these entities?). Also click here to read what Sojourners said about it (yes they are biased to- at least they admit it).

I am sickened that people use my faith for political purposes. Under no circumstance would I ever vote for "Christians" that use faith to manipulate people to their political way (yes, I would rather vote for the pagan that does not use God).

sorry for the rant


Deborah said...

Amen! And thanks for the recent kind words.

Anonymous said...

How do you explain that the Democratic party is backed by known atheists and the secular humanists in Hollywood. That the Democratic party will be more likley to appoint liberal secular Justices. Where there is smoke there is fire.