Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Way to help out Hurricane victims in Haiti

Today I will post a copy of an email from a close friend giving us an opportunity to help with the situation in Haiti. I will let you read it unemcumbered by my opinions. I will comment on the situation in Haiti (along with thoughts on how the US and Church should get involved).

The heart of Jesus was compassion that led to action. ServLife desires to respond with the compassion of Jesus to areas of the world where we are not doing ongoing work. My heart has been really moved the past few hours of the death of 1,500 people in Haiti from recent Hurricane Jeanne that is about to hit Florida. An estimated 300,000 are homeless and 1000 children are anticipated to be orphaned.

We have been overwhelmed of the series of hurricanes and storms that have hit Florida the past few weeks. We do not hear much about the poor that live throughout the Caribbean who don't have the resources or ability to protect themselves. ServLife desires to respond and help the poor in Haiti. If you want to help, please respond! We will be working with local ministries and churches in the response to this need.

Click here to donate to Haiti Relief:

You can mail a check to our office and mail to:

ServLife International, Inc.
P.O. Box 79675
Houston, TX 77279
(mark on check: Haiti Relief)
Sincerely,Joel Vestal

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