Friday, September 03, 2004

Lost my vote on the music selection

He had a chance. But, alas, W lost my vote. Brooks and Dunn? Live?

Not only is it bad dance country/pop. It is bad dance country that is no longer popular. What is worse than bad country/pop that is stale?

They should have brought out Billy Dean, Ricky Van Shelton, Juice Newton, Eddie Rabbitt, Little Texas and Diamond Rio and any other act well past their expiration date. They could not get anyone who has had a hit in the past century (granted it is only 4 years old)?

Then, after the speech, when they have a chance to put a musical face on the campaign, what do we get? Put a Little Love in Your Heart, a song from the movie Sqrooged? Not even the Annie Lennox (she is too European and may be gay) and Al Green (he is a black preacher- they always vote Democrat) version.

So, I have to decide between a party that picks U2 and one that could have followed my advice and brought out Radiohead or Ben Folds or even Springsteen, but brings out a cover of the theme from a Bill Murray movie.

Bad sign, and ironic after the Zell Miller tirade. Hey, Zell could you "put a little love in your heart?"

*since I am usually satirical, but not very good at it, I felt the need to let some readers know this regarding today's blog

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