Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Refocusing the Blog?

When I restarted this blog I decided to stick to personal and ministry related stuff on it. I had talked to some people about having a more controversial blog for political stuff, etc, so friends that did not want to read of my unpopular leanings could still see other thoughts.

However, I have tended to stray into political issues a little too much lately. I cannot help it. My love and hatred for the subject is overwhelming at times and it is easy to talk about and have a slightly different idea than most people.

So, here is what I am thinking. I am thinking about pushing most political stuff to my more controversial blog, Balaams Ass. I would still tell people when I was putting stuff ont hat blog. I may also start taking my pop culture reviews more seriously and put them on another blog also ( I have prcurred the names "Critical Rick," "Critical Breakdown," and "Contrarian Reviews" and will decide which one to go with soon).

Any thoughts?


james said...

I vote you keep it all on the same blog. They are your thoughts on faith, culture and justice. No need to separate.

g13 said...

i think that two blogs are sufficient. most people have a tough time keeping up with one, so three sounds like a lot of work.

Deborah said...

I split into two blogs because, after a year of just one blog, I, like you, felt strongly called to express my political views. So my evangelical/political views are at Heart, Soul & Humor, blogspot.com and my more personal blog, the original blog, is at TheCrazyWoman.blogspot.com. I then link the two together, for those who want to read both. Seems to work well!