Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Sorry, again life has interrupted my blog.

This time the MLB playoffs and World Series are ruining my life.

Seriously, I have slept too little, worried too much, stared at a television screen for too long and seen red too often in my sleep. I thought I wanted my most beloved Cardinals to meet my beloved Red Sox in a World Series.

I knew that I would be happy and disappointed simultaneously throughout the series and experience jubilation and dread after they are over. Do I wear my Red Sox hat along with my Cardinals jersey? Do I wear my Red Sox button on my Cardinals hat? Does my head (practically the curse should be over and all of my friends in Boston should experience the joys of a World Championship) over power my heart (no amount of practicality trumps 30 years of loyalty to St. Louis, not even my hatred of the Yankees, love for the city and residents of Boston and desire to see Bill Buckner voted into the Hall of Fame).

So, yes I want my Cardinals to take this series, even though they probably won't. Gosh, I miss Chris Carpenter and Steve Kline (this series would be completely different with those 2 players). Was game 1 the worst display of baseball in World Series ever? I mean which ever team plays less pathetically will win! I guess a little pitching beats none.

I have never seen 2 teams in the World Series that left more on the field in the Championship Series. And yes, even though I will be saddened if my Cardinals lose, I will wish I could be in Boston for the party. My Cardinals will be back in the near future. The Sox will not (too many free agents).

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