Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Truly Important Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day, a truly important day for me.

Was it the VP debate? No.

As titillating and thrilling as that gabfest was, I must say that a 3-fer in the baseball playoffs was a perfect way to begin things.

As a fan, I usually do not have perfect days, but to see my beloved Cardinals wax the Dodgers was, while expected, a beautiful thing. 5 home runs!

Afterwards, I needed not to change channels. God gave me the adopted Red Sox (yes, if it comes down to my Cardinals vs. my Red Sox- let the curse continue) returning the Angels to Hades from which they came (or Orange County- same thing).

Please Genie- can I have my 3 wishes? Can Santana continue his pitching perfection against the Anti-Christ/ RNC/ Yankees? Can Torii Hunter rob A-Rod of a home run? Can the Yankees be shut out?

Oh yes.

What a perfect day. It cannot continue.

Today- Go Braves (I never thought I would day it, but I do not want ot face the Astros and I hate Houston)


james said...

As with Jeff, I offer you a hearty congratulations!

Deborah said...

I and mine are avid Angels fans and it is not Hades here (lots of decent people here in Orange County) .....but the Yankees are surely the anti-Christ. :) I predict that the World Series will match St. Louis and Boston.