Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sox ruin my future as a novelist/ screenwriter

The Red Sox ruined my great American novel/ documentary/ film. All I needed was a couple more years to write it before they won and I could take credit for the "lifting of the curse." But, after 84 years they could not be patient for a couple more.

The project was to be entitled "Forgiving Buckner" and would explore the need for the New England region to shake off its Puritan and Catholic guilt and learn to forgive others. Bill Buckner would have been the metaphor for this. I felt the Red Sox and its fans needed to express forgiveness to Buckner and remember all his accomplishments to the team and baseball. This would have lifted the curse, or something like that.

Oh well.

Of course, the sign I saw from some Sox fans in St. Louis was "We forgive Bill Buckner." So maybe it wasn't a bad idea. Even Schilling mentioned Buckner along with Pesky and others in his postgame comments, reminding all of us to remember him as the great player he was.

Next step? Bring him to Fenway. Let him throw out the 1st pitch of next year's opener. Somebody in Boston do something about it. Get him on the list for the Hall of Fame. He was borderline before the play at 1st. He may not get in, but he needs to be seen in a new light.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick. Though you might have to revise the script, I vote you move forward with your screenplay. Maybe you and James could collaborate. I have to say, however, that if I was Buckner there's no way on earth I'd throw out the opening pitch of next year's season. They're WAY too superstitious up there, and next year's season will inevitably suffer to comparison. - Mike

g13 said...

you can use my 'curse of the tarp machine' idea free of cost.

always workin' for you...

Anonymous said...

Here's some soundtrack material.. Forgiving Buckner