Thursday, October 28, 2004

Too Late to Be writing about the World Series

I usually don't do this, but here are some thoughts on the World Series.

  1. I hate Fox sports coverage. How can a network be so bad? How could the network which gave us the X-Files and Simpsons make such a mockery of the World Series. From the montages to the interviews we have seen Chris Myers as pitch man, interviewing a commercial character (Leon from Bud commercials) during an inning. A commercial character for Gosh sake. The music selection was Lawrence Welk-like and the editing could be better done on a Mac by my son. They missed shots constantly and did not even acknowledge the Cardinals until tonight, with an embarrassing clip to the song "Middle" by Jimmy Eat World where they cannot even keep a head shot of Pujols.
  2. I wanted to be happier for the Red Sox. However, I could only get so happy watching my beloved Cardinals become a minor league team against their pitching. I saw this series coming and did not want it. I wanted my Cardinals to wax the Yankees or Twins and have a glorious time basking in an unencumbered win. Or, I wanted my adopted Red Sox to destroy any other NL team so I could celebrate with my brothers and sisters in Red Sox Nation. But, no. The curse is lifted against the only team I love more than the Sox (sorry I think pitchers should hit).
  3. This is the 6th World Championship by the Sox. That is much better than most teams.
  4. Does this mean Kerry wins the Presidency? First the Patriots, then the Red Sox and followed by Kerry?
  5. ESPN does better montages and music videos than FOX. Maybe the guys from FOX should watch other networks for some pointers. It is almost like they think they are the president and don't listen to anyone that doesn't agree with them (only political digs of the night, I promise).
  6. I wish I was there for the parade. I said I would go back to see it, but it snuck up on me. I was lucky enough to be at both Patriots parades. I cannot imagine how much larger this one will be.
  7. Watching the footage from Boston, evidentially the Sox players are not the only idiots. Drunk college students cheering for a team because it is hip and causing trouble in the streets is so 5 minutes ago. Knuckleheads.
  8. Dan Shaughnessy's career is over. He has nothing else to talk about. This must be the worst night of his life. Some how this comforts me, and almost makes everything worth it.
  9. I will never have to see another ESPN commercial talking about the curse, Bill Buckner, Bucky Dent or Aaron Boone.
  10. Could anyone imagine that not getting A-Rod would work out this well? Keeping Nomar until the trade deadline? No one picking up Manny off waivers? Can't unload Lowe?
  11. Curt Schilling is a genius. He is the anti-Buckner.
  12. Is anyone as happy for Peter Gammons as I am?
  13. Ignorance is bliss. A bunch of idiots that do not have the mental capacity to be weighted down by the baggage of 86 years. Brilliant, in a stupid sort of way.
  14. Nike is always the quickest to the punch.
  15. Noone in Boston wanted these failed owners of the Marlins to get the Red Sox, especially when they hired a kid as the GM.
  16. I guess my Cardinals will be in an auction with the Yankees for Free Agent pitching during the off-season. Good pitching does beat good hitting, at least in the WS when the AL gets home field advantage because of Roger Clemens and the temperature in Boston is -32 degrees.
  17. Lastly, I think LaRussa will be back in St. Louis. He has to be. I mean he cried and talked about how much he loved this team. He even said, "when we get back." I mean no one ever leaves after expressing sentiments like that. Do they? And Santa does exist.
  18. The Red Sox have to rebuild and the Cardinals don't. This gives me hope.
  19. If you are in New England. Skip work, go to the parade. You will not regret it. unless Al-Queda attacks. I mean it is New England where John Kerry is from and Cheney told us to be afraid.
  20. Buy me a paper.


james said...

Always enjoy your thoughts Rick. These are great. I'll see if I can locate a paper for you at some point, though when i hit the stores today i got the last one. I'll try B&N.

g13 said...

couldn't agree with you more about the funky video-montages. plus, the in your eyes montage made this hetrosexual very uncomfortable.

joe buck has been co-opted by fox. if he doesn't let them go, move to espn or sign an exclusive contract with kmox i'm done with him (sorry Jack!).

somewhere in the off-season manny and pedro had a vice-versa experience. now pedro is the babbling idiot, whose teammates clearly wanted nothing to do with in game 4, and manny is the uber cool player with a sneaky sense of humor.

you better be right about la russa. if not, we need to find a cot in the office for leyland.

let the off-season games begin!

james said...

Also to add to your list, as Gentry pointed out earlier, might be the awful rendition of 'God Bless America' by Scott Stapp.