Monday, November 29, 2004

Random (and not so random) Web Findings

Early Christmas Presents from the Web...

All Things Wendell Berry. This website has links to many great sites with interviews, writings, and reviews. A couple of favorites include: The Failure of War, Christianity and the Survival of Creation (Why Christians must join with God to save the earth/ We are its only hope), Peacableness Toward Enemies (which seems to me an interestingly "Christian" approach to dealing with enemies, as opposed to our current US Christian policy of "us vs. them"-written during first gulf war).

A brand new essay by Mr. Berry is published here. It is a challenging call to arms against greed and weapons of mass destruction causing the rape of local economy and earth.

A Christian Middle, an excellent article calling for a view of politics and political parties I have long advocated, but no so eloquently or concisely. A synopsis might be

"Christians in America have been defeated because we have failed to provide a voice which challenges the insufficiency of both parties while simultaneously championing the positive impact of both."

An interview with Amy Laura Hall regarding reproductive technology, stem cell research and Christian positive responses to much of it. Very challenging in light of conversations on friends' blogs.

Sojourners new "Confessing Christ in a World of Violence" which again shows that even Christian professors are not friends of the right. You cannot trust those academics, can you? Seriously, I would love to know why such a confession is contrary to the thought of most Christians.

American Conservative magazine, my favorite source from the right. They are principled conservatives, not knee jerk conservatives or loyal Republicans. They were against the War in Iraq (feeling it betrays historic conservative international relations) and the Patriot Act (feeling it betrays the most conservative principle of American history- personal freedom- for "safety"s sake). These guys are led by Patrick Buchanan.

From Seattle Times, the democrats blame game for the election is now over. They all agree. It is J. Lo's fault.

Leonard Pitts' excellent op-ed on the brawl in Detroit. How this thing is not about spoiled athletes (although they are spoiled). It is about a culture of "Chest-Thumping" in America. By the way, it is also about stupid fans who think they actually are a part of what happens on the field of play. If you suspend and fine Artest- Suspend and fine the fans in Detroit and the team- I bet it never happens again!

From the St. Pete Times, an op-ed comparing our present political climate that devalues dissent to an earlier time when dissent (especially within political parties) was valued.

Lastly, from Thomas L. Friedman, columnist for the NY Times (yes, they are a left leaning paper, but Friedman, ardent defender of globalization, is a supporter of the "war on Terrorism" and in Iraq) is a wonderful article comparing the ethically challenged (and quite repulsive) Tom DeLay, Latrell Sprewell and Hummer drivers- all typifying the selfishness of America- to the young men and women dying to defend their freedom to be unconditionally selfish. An excellent read (and the Hummer part is brilliant). If you have to register, it is worth it!

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