Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I can teach you how to lead like Jesus

Among the worst names in cultural Christian history, these guys actually know how to teach you to Lead Like Jesus (not as bad as "Growing Kids God's Way- but close). I cannot wait to sign up and see CEOS wash my feet, die for my sins, perform miracles (the lunch must be amazing- "I will have a white wine with my fish") and walk on water. It must be worth the price of admission.

By the way, one of their leaders is David Novak, owner of Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver and Pizza Hut (Jesus loved that fried food and would have loved the way his company treats its employees, as well as its future ingredients). I am also sure that Jesus would have made 8.8 million while paying very little to his employees and charging Chinese customers almost 3X a daily wage for a pizza.

Anyway, I read about this at the Gadflyer (a Liberal Christian blog that can make you think a little- even if you do not agree). This is one of those places that the church does not stand up for what is right at all. It is not about getting the Government to tell these rich CEOs what to do. It is about these rich CEOs listening to the words of Jesus and actually letting it effect their business ethics (like Tom Chappel of Tom's of Maine and many others).

We cannot hand this issue over the the Left and show no concern over issues of justice, fairness, responsibility and neighborly love. I wish Dobson would focus on some of these families.


Anonymous said...

If you claim to be a "Pro-Life" "Christian," then stop supporting a hateful, greedy, lying group of usurpers who care nothing about the quality of life in the countries they invade, and start living a gentle Christian life. If Jesus were president, He would never have supported people who've brought the mayhem, torture and deceit to the Muslim world as if we are better, when this country has done so little to stem the tide of violence worldwide. You sound like a more reasonable right-wing person than the nasty Neocons who have besmirched the great names of Christ and America in so many people's eyes. Do good works!

Rick said...

I was not going to comment on the anonymous comment on my blog. But, I must ask this person if they were drinking too much caffiene while writing it.

To this person... do you read my blog regularly? or Are you just trying to stir things up (which i can appreciate)?

To any of my Right Wing friends- see some people think I am a right winger. Nice to be player hated by both sides of the aisle (means I am doing something right/ left).