Friday, December 03, 2004

The Networks Are Protecting Us from Controversy

I love irony.

There is a new UCC ad out that is causing a stir nationally. It has an African American and a gay couple being told by a bouncer they can not come into church with a pronouncement regarding the openness of the UCC. Or something like that.

Personally, I do not care much about the ad, the ad campaign, the controversy or much else (no particular reason, except I am needing to keep up with this BALCO scandal). However, the statements from the networks as to why they would not air this ad, which was deemed "too controversial" were classic...

"CBS said it won't accept advocacy ads and said gay relationships remain a subject of public debate." So, CBS does not accept advocacy ads. I did not know this.
NBC spokesman Alan Wurtzel said the network received two ads from the UCC, and accepted one. The other was rejected because it violated the company's policy of not accepting ads that deal with "issues of public controversy." Again, this is news to me.

So these networks, which made a killing this election cycle from the most notoriously "controversial" and "offensive" ads from 527 groups and the campaigns, feels it should not air something this controversial.

The same networks that show ads with agendas contrary to the administration's agenda, will not show an ad with a gay couple due to the pending amendment to ban gay marriage. Since when is it wrong to show something contrary to a president's agenda? I do not think the Bush administration would approve of "Will and Grace", "West Wing" or half of the news shows.

Lastly, thank the Lord these networks are looking out for us poor unfortunate souls without the brain capacity to decide for ourselves if we agree with something or not. I would hate for that ad to be seen during such "family" entertainment as Desperate Housewives and SNL or after a Viagra commercial.

It is good to know that the networks are looking out for what is best for everyone.

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