Monday, December 13, 2004

questioning Bush's Judgement

I was reminded while wathcing SportsCenter today that in 1989 George W Bush as the owner of an incredibly inept baseball franchise, traded Sammy Sosa.

I might add that this is not a 1999 George W Bush seeing the future and Sosa's eventual lack of production in his late 30s, but in 1989?

It is this type of judgment that concerns me regarding our president. I think facts like this should have been brought out during the past 2 election cycles.

Conspiracy of Silence?

I guess we should look for our next president to be the former owner of the Falcons that traded Favre. If you make a decision this boneheaded you should lose your decision making lisence.

At least Bush did admit that this was a decision he regretted. I will wait for the others.


g13 said...

according to most reports, bush wasn't involved in the day-to-day operations of the rangers. his role was to bring name recognition to the ownership and the club.

Alex F said...

Hey Rick. For what its worth, the guy that owned the Falcons when they traded Favre is dead, so probably not a great candidate for either party. I think you'd like the new owner though.

Rick said...


sorry to make fun of the dead. I actually knew I could count on you for the straight scoop on an Atlanta team.

Jeff- I have heard this much of the time, but his name was in the paper a lot while i was in Texas. They made fun of some his (or whoever's) boneheaded moves while owning the team.

So even though he did not do much day to day, he took the credit when something when right.

Does sound like his management style has not changed much.