Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Santa Sucks

I have a confession...

I do not like this Santa Claus character. I have no interest. When dealing with this guy as a parent, I am struck with a few thoughts (I am sure you who have older kids have been through this)...

1. I don't want some fat guy in a red suit getting the glory for anything I buy for my kids.
2. I do not like the idea of lying to my kids to keep up a charade I do not even agree with in the first place. Why should I keep up a facade because my kids will fit in better and we won't look like freaks. I mean, I already think that I should follow some homeless Jew and give away much of my possessions so I will have treasures in heaven when I die (that already sounds nuts).
3. I really don't like lying to my kids.
4. Of course, the present thing bugs me. People have actually asked (since we do not have much money and aren't really buying much for Christmas- part financial/ part social protest) if our kids are going to "have Christmas." Christians said this.
5. As a Christian, this whole thing bugs me on multiple fronts that would bore most people.

I just don't like this guy coming down my chimney and making me buy stuff.


timsamoff said...

My family ended the Santa charade while us kids were still very young. The funny thing is, I think it allowed us to enjoy "Santa" even more afterwards -- we always set cookies and milk out, my parents always left funny notes from Santa and his helpers, etc... And we loved it -- even knowing that he wasn't real. Now, during this time of year, I still enjoy the charade of Santa with my wife and I have so much fun.

(Funny enough, just as I'm typing this, the song, "I Don't Believe In Santa Claus," by The Vandals just came on!)

Anonymous said...

So at the top of Bailey's Christmas list this year was a jingle bell from Santa's sleigh (which I found at Wal-Mart... um.... I mean Global Village... for $1.99). DEAL!!! ;-) -Mike