Thursday, December 23, 2004

Weary of the Blogsphere

Growing Weary of this endeavor

the hastle

the hostility
the misplaced anger
the posturing
the attacks
the egos

the lack of accountability
the arbitrary unspoken rules by each ruler of their own little fiefdom in the blogsphere
the inpersonal nature
the territorialism
the sensitivity
the lack of sensitivity
the wasted time
the life unlived

could be a few days

could be a sabbatical

could be done (but the ego may not allow it)


kidpositive said...

amen to that.

Mike said...

man, i am sorry you feel that way, i can see why however. i hope you keep it up, i always learn something when i come over here - which - i think - is what this should be about. i feel like i post to entertain/educate my friends and vise versa. and when i come to your blog i get that kind of thing.