Friday, December 24, 2004

Apology/ Resolution

I have come to realize that blogging is not for the faint at heart.

However, too many of us are. My wife has always had to put up with the fact that my emotions are not tied into my opinions- this causes me to unintentionally hurt the feeling of others who do not like my opinions. I am coming to realize that my disconnect is unusual.

As I travel this blogsphere, I realize that too many of us take our blogs and ourselves seriously. I am only now beginning to understand this. I have been too disconnected emotionally to the blogsphere and not realized how many feelings are hurt by the slightest comment or post to the contrary of their opinion and how easily hurt people are. They attack because they feel disrespected or hurt by words on a computer.

So, to any of those people I have hurt or made feel bad through the blog world through words on a computer screen, I am truly sorry.

To those who have hurt my feelings, you are forgiven.

As penance, if I do continue as a blogger, I will not be responding to any comments on my blog. Commenters to my blog will not be responded to on my this blog.
If you desire a personal response or interaction, please email me.
I will also refrain from commenting on other blogs.
Presently, I am removing all comments from blogs I have visited in the past.

I am tired.


Deborah said...

That's why I don't have comments section on my blog (Heart, Soul & Humor), but give an email address for comments. And I receive many emails.

Rick, THANK YOU for your blogging. Your words give me insight, hope and sometimes, more drive for the good fight! Your sentiments and thoughts are authentic and articulate. You were meant to bring the Word to others in this way.....along with your pastorate, I am sure.

When Jesus was tired and needed refreshment, he withdrew for some private time, and he prayed to His Father.

I hope you have found refreshment on Christmas with your delightful family, and in prayer with your Father.

Merry Christmas...and Greetings of the Sacred Season.

bascy said...

Thanks Rick, not for anything personally, but for making a realization I wish I had made years ago...

It's so easy to open ourselves up on our own blogs that it's inevitable someone else's opinion might cut hard into the vulnerability we (sometimes tentatively) embrace...

It's so easy to get hurt and to hurt out on the web where inflection and interpretation are the only thing standing between a good laugh and a deep personal injury...

Thank you for your vulnerability and opinions... I hope you keep embracing both!