Friday, December 31, 2004

ServLife in Phuket Helping Tsunami Victims

Joel and Elise, our friends who run the organization ServLife have located their Asian center in Phuket, Thailand. They moved there in October, which is no coincidence.

Like many organizations, ServLife is helping the victims. However, due to their location and lack of bureaucracy, they are able to help individually. Many organizations, due to structure, cannot guarantee that 100% of your money is going to victims. However, ServLife can. Also, they will be working through local indigenous churches in the region to carry out their service (another way we can serve the greater Kingdom community).

Please read what is going on with ServLife in the region.

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lilly said...

hey rick!
happy new year from the lewins!
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glad to find you!
how long you been in florida?
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