Saturday, January 01, 2005

End of year Awards (The Rickies)- 1st in a series/ Political Edition (prepare to be offended)

please remember to keep a sense of humor and not take your political beliefs too seriously before reading this- thanks

As 2004 comes to an end, I cannot help but say, Good Riddance. I would rather strike Paris Hilton and her mini dog, sex video and reality show from my memory banks, along with Swift Boat Vets for deceit, Florida's hurricane season, Blue/Red States maps, NASCAR dads, Bill O'Reilly and his self righteous sexual harassing, Michael Moore everywhere I look, Britney Spears Trailer Trash weddings and a Cardinals collapse. Other names I would rather forget include Hannity, Rush, Coulter, Sarandon, Robbins, Terrell Owens, Shaq, Kobe, Fallwell, Trump, Whoopi and anything related to Fox News (and Fox TV, unless it is called Simpsons). I will not miss Friends, Sex in the City, Zell Miller or exit polls.

So, here are some year end Awards (political edition), as only I would give them...

Stupidest Celebrity Endorsement
Darrell Waltrip for George W. Bush on CNN. How can a lone Republican celeb say something so stupid that it trumps all of the Democratic Celebs? That takes some idiocy, huh? Here is the
transcript in all its glory. Yes, former NASCAR driver Waltrip informs us he is not much of an "issue guy" but you can believe Bush because he "looks you in the eye" and owns a farm in Texas, not a mansion on Nantucket. Yes, this man of the people millionaire Waltrip is telling the working people of America that Bush is one of them. I am sorry, but I did not go to Yale. My family does not own a waterfront mansion in Maine. I did not ever own a baseball team. I have lived on a farm and it was not worth millions of dollars. None of these guys is "one of us."

If a celeb speaks, maybe he should be an "issue guy" and not a blind fool. By the way, athletes should not speak out on politics (at least actors are paid to speak intelligibly).

Person Who Won the Election for Bush and Lost it for Kerry
Chief Justice Margaret Marshall of Massachusetts Supreme Court was the person that won the election for Republicans. They should bring her to the White House and give her a medal. Her court's decision to overturn the gay marriage ban (I don't remember reading about a "ban" in the news or history) was the reason such a large number of Republicans, especially evangelicals, turned out (especially in the 11 states with it on the ballots). However you feel, face it. Guys kissing trumps unnecessary wars and loss of Americans overseas to an inept defense department...

Worst Case of Christian Power Hunger (or least favorite Christian trend)
I thought it would be Judge Moore from Alabama (my favorite law breaking martyr), but he was trumped by the wholesale handing of the Christian faith to the Republican party by our king-makers (such as Dobson, Lehay, Land and Fallwell). With power we no longer need the Sermon on the Mount, book of Amos and Psalm 2. Republican America and Historical Christian Faith are now the same thing.

The crowning of Bush as messiah, along with the uncritical approval of the Republican platform, War in the Middle East (to bring Armageddon I guess- "kill em all" as Metallica and Fallwell say) and hatred for Kerry and Liberals makes my Christian apologetic an "I am sorry."

Surprise Politician of the Year
Ahhnold. I am not sure what Californians say, but I loved his interview in the latest Rolling Stone. He has become a great advocate for the environment and works with Democrats with no care for what his his party tells him to do. Even though I strongly disagree with him on abortion and stem-cell research I love his independent spirit. I love the fact that he never said a cross word about John Kerry (like McCain, he sees Dems as opponents, not enemies- an important distinction). Of course, after hearing his speech at the RNC (if you ...., then you are a Republican) and reading this interview, I ask "how is this guy a Republican?" Do they like him because he made violent movies? I mean, what do you call a fiscally conservative, pro choice, gay marriage affirming, environmental, pro death penalty governor? I would call him Howard Dean (or even Bill Clinton).

Biggest Insult to Decorated Vets in America
Swift Boat Idiots. I cannot even use the T word in the same sentence with these classless mouth pieces for Karl Rove. I am so sick of a bunch of Hawks that never served their country (Rove, Cheney, Reed, Bush, etc.) overseas, disparaging American veterans like McCain, Cleland and Kerry.

If the Swifters wanted to come out against Kerry for what he did after coming home from the war, then go ahead (personally I think it was the highlight of his political life- a sad fact it came 30 years ago), even if most Americans think Vietnam was a mistake. But what they accused Kerry of (and implied the US Navy did to help) was a gross insult to decorated veteran John Kerry, along with John McCain and my dad (along with every other soldier that received a medal). The Navy did not had these things out as political favors! It cheapened my dad's medals. I do not like that.

Worst Politicization of a Tragedy
Both sides in light of the Tsunami in SE Asia. We have members of the right bragging about everything Christians and Right-Wingers do to help out victims of such a tragedy instead of focusing on the task at hand. Even worse, on the left we have sending emails to its constituents (yes, I got one) telling how Bush is not doing enough and how they can do better. Hey Move on, Move on (get over it- they won). This is not about politics (even if our soldiers could be better utilized helping the victims in Sri Lanka than keeping themselves from getting blown up in mess halls).

Jerry Falwell Memorial Award for Most Classless Comment About a Sitting President
This is difficult with all of the celebrities out this year against Bush (funny, I do not mind musicians telling me their political views because they write songs- but I don't like most actors telling me what to believe, because they are paid to repeat lines they did not write and sound convincing). However, even though I am sure Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Alec Baldwin said something highly offensive. It must go (in a tie) to Susan Aniston for calling Bush a "f-ing idiot" (she is known for her haircuts not her political understanding) in Rolling Stone and Whoopi Goldberg (when was the last time she did something funny?) for her pun comparing the president to female anatomy.

This award is named for Jerry Falwell because he sold videos accusing Bill Clinton of Murder and has said the most heinous things I have ever heard about Clinton. I can think of very few more classless things (I do not remember seeing Republicans condemning him for his actions- what is good for the goose is good for the gander).

Craziest Speech/ Meanest Politician/ Glad He's Leaving Awards
Zell Miller/ Zell on Earth at the RNC, followed by the Dean scream (which was not even crazy, but funny). On another note, the saddest I am about a Senator leaving is the great Bob Graham of Florida. I have spent my entire life with this man representing my state by working for the good of America (he is one of the smartest, most moderate, least partisan politicians of the past 25 years and I will miss him).

Most Politically Insulting Medal Ceremony
Bush's medal ceremony for Tenant, Franks and Bremer. Let's see, most of America thinks Iraq is going poorly and has not been well run. I know, we will give medals to each of those responsible for the fiasco. Also, we will keep the head of the whole thing (Rummy) and promote the advisor who recommends we "stay the course." Talk about a Dilbert-like work environment.

Favorite Irony (political edition)
2. Rush Limbaugh and the ACLU working together to stop prosecutors from getting their hands on this self righteous drug addicts medical records (I would feel bad about the drug addiction if it was not for his constant hypocrisy).
1. Bill O'Reilly having to settle a lawsuit for sexual harassment with his female producer.

Worst Display of American Know How
Our abuse of prisoners in Iraq. It now looks like some of the same things have gone on at Gitmo (I hope not). Even though Rush Limbaugh likes to compare prisoner abuse to "fraternity pranks" (he also slammed the reporter who helped a soldier ask Rummy about unprotected humvees- he cares more about politics than protecting troops- quite a patriot), this must be taken seriously, especially by every Christian who must face the facts that each of those prisoners need to treated like we would treat Jesus (check out Matthew 25).

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Randy said...

Fun reading Rick... thanks for a few laughs. It's also good to know that I'm not the only one struggling with our nations politics.

Happy New Year Friend!

DLW said...

I think Osama Bin Laden did more to help get Bush elected by implicitly endorsing Kerry right before the election, knowing full well how many in the US would react against Kerry because of his infamy.

But it was well done...


DLW said...

I hope you and your family are well and that you are so gainfully employed that you don't have time to blog anymore.