Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Andrew Sullivan Asks the Religious Right About A More Important Amendment

Uber Conservative and Gay Activist Andrew Sullivan (loved by the right when talking economics and war, ignored when speaking on culture) has a great question for the religious right that is pushing for an anti-gay marriage amendment.

From his site on February 1, 2005

"WHY NOT AN ANTI-ABORTION AMENDMENT? Here's an interesting question, posed by my friend Jon Rauch. The Senate Republicans have vowed to push their anti-gay marriage amendment, even though it won't stand a chance of getting the necessary 67 votes. The point is political and rhetorical. They are trying to build momentum, raise money, and keep the cause of banning same-sex unions alive. So why not push an anti-abortion amendment instead? They have one such amendment on hand. Both proposed amendments are allegedly against judicial meddling. Both will fail. But one deals with a much graver issue, by the religious right's reckoning - an immense loss of human life, rather than the grave evil of two human beings committing to one another for life. So why this priority? Surely, abortion is a more important matter than same-sex marriage - even for the religious right. Or is it? "

Priority of Life or Control and Fear (which leads to power and money)?

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mo said...

Good post. It seems, given the current state of our country, that the conservatives seem to be "winning" the war on homosexuality, while liberals seem to be winning on abortion. Can we trade?