Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Sports Guy Dinks Sweet Tea

One of my favorite pure pelasures in life is my twice weekly reading of the Sports Guy on ESPN's Page 2. His Super Bowl blog is among the funniest things written. Last year, he endeared himself to me by his constant heckling of Houston ( atown I used to live in and hated- loved the people and food, hated everything else). This year, he has been disparaging my hometown (kinda, I grew up in a small town close to Jacksonville and my parents moved there during my college years). I have found it stangely amusing and have not felt insulted.

As a Boston sports fan living in exile, I need his postings to remember what I am missing. But this Yankee trying to handle a week in the deep south has been among the better "fish out of water" writings I have read in a while.

Anyway, I must run this quote from his running Jax Blog regarding my favorite drink in the world, one that my family single-handedly introduced to Boston (always changing the lives of these sugar neglected souls in the mean time)...

So, here is the Sports Guy's take on his introduction to sweet tea...

"Best House Specialty: Sweet Tea- I know I've done my share of complaining about Jacksonville, but finding out about Sweet Tea made it all worth it. First, they make a batch of hot tea. Then they heat up sugar in a pan. Then they pour the hot sugar into the hot tea and let it caramelize. I'm telling you, this is the greatest drink of all-time -- like a combination of iced tea and heroin. I drank two glasses at Gene's Seafood on Tuesday, then went outside and picked up a Pontiac Firebird over my head."

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