Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Truly Important Day (not quite Iraq voting, but close)

Lest anyone think my life revolves around politics, religion and culture, an issue of great importance has taken much of my mental energy today.

National Signing Day for College Football

FSU needed a late run to get into the Top 10 and it looks like they may. They just signed Fred Rouse, the nations top receiver.

Next up, they must beat UF and UM for the top running back (and have a top 3 recruiting class). His name is Antone Smith. Pray hard.

On another football note, we just watched Friday Night Lights. It has entered my Top 5 or 10 of the year (Peter Berg surprises with his camera work and directing ability). If you are a fan of Remember the Titans or that dumb MTV high school football movie with Dawson (from Dawson's Creek), please watch this movie and see a 5-A football movie, instead of a 1-A or 2-A football movie (h.s. football lingo).

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