Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Cure for My Rapid Descent Towards 40

Unlike many of my peers, I do not look forward to growing older and more mature. In so many ways, I find myself aging gracefully...

I still wear a size 32 Jean (after a brief upgrade last year, which brought panic).

I weigh approximately the same as I did when I got married 81/2 years ago.

I do not have back problems.

I do not wear Dockers.

I do not play golf (this is Florida- so I am not indicting golfers everywhere).

When I do shop (very seldom), it is still at surf shops and the GAP.

In many ways, however, I have not aged so gracefully

I have been to physical therapy for my knee problems (at least they are not arthritic, which was a concern). I even take glucosamine, which my dad takes.

I hate teenage drivers and am usually angry at their driving habits (I even call them kids).

I cannot watch reality television based upon the lives of celebrities (esp. Those named Simpson).

I watch, and enjoy, C.S.I.

I think most modern music sucks and what I do like reminds me of the time I grew up in (Franz Fernidan, the Killers, etc.). I also seek out newer albums by bands I grew up with, which is okay when it is U2, but a little less cool when it is Morrissey.

I actually looked forward to seeing Paul McCartney at the Super Bowl (much more than I have looked forward to any half time show in many year- with U2's as the exception).

One way in which I am proud that I have not grown up is my musical taste. While I usually listen to mature artists, such as U2, Radiohead, Ben Folds, Johnny Cash and the Beatles, I am always on the lookout for younger, up-and-coming artists.

I do hate the state of radio, record labels and corporate rock, but know there must be newer music I can wrap my mind around and enjoy. My fear is that I have grown so old that the only new artists I will listen to will be young men with an acoustic guitar (Bright Eyes or Iron and Wine). However, I am glad to say, I still like loud music. Thank God.

My tastes have not completely mellowed. I am yet to buy a CD by Norah Jones, Michael McDonald or an American Idol. I am not enamored with John Mayer and have not graduated to the smaltzy, overly sentimental Nashville country of Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. I am just not impressed with The Used, Saves the Day and Papa Roach or 3 Days Grace (they sound the same to me).

Luckily, a band such as Coheed and Cambria comes along every once in while to remind me that, although I am 36, I still like it loud. Actually, the greatest music has 3 qualities: LOUD, INTELLIGENT and MELODIC. If you take 1 of those 3 qualities away, you can end up with Nickleback, Creed, Marilyn Manson or Slipknot. Take away 2 and you are stuck with Limp Bizkit, Motley Crue or 3 Doors Down.

When they come together you get Husker Du, The Replacements, Tool, System of a Down, Helmet, Drive By Truckers, Rage Against the Machine, the Clash and Jimmy Eat World. Now you get Coheed and Cambria, a strange brew of hardcore, pop, progressive rock and comic books, which works thanks to the time signature changes and odd chord progressions.

Imagine Geddy Lee of Rush heading up Dashboard Confessional with Primus' bass player (Les Claypool) and Fugazi's sense of timing after stealing his dads stash of vintage comic books, devouring them and deciding to make an updated Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche as a trilogy, while waiting for Brian Wilson to finish Smile. It cannot work, can it? Check out hear and download the video to A Favor House Atlantic and some other songs.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick. Just wanted to add a few names to the list (Yes - I'm a hopeless acoustic freak. No - these don't really fit into the "hey, I'm still young at heart" category. But I'm a year older than you so I'm allowed). Anyway, in no particular order:

Kelly Joe PhelpsPaul CurreriEastMountainSouthMindy SmithRosie ThomasJohn GorkaBruce CockburnDavid WilcoxPierce PettisEddie from OhioBen HarperJack JohnsonShawn ColvinDon Oja-DunawayBela FleckAlright already... I'll stop there with the links. - Mike

g13 said...

mmm...bela fleck. i wouldn't kick him out of my bed for eating crackers!

matt said...

enjoyed this post--i'm one of the directors at a tragically hip Music Venue/Skate Park in Nashville that has booked both Ryan Cabrera and Coheed and Cambria in the last year. Obviously I preferred the latter to the former.