Friday, February 11, 2005

If I had an extra $10K burning a hole in my pocket

I would totally bid on this. This must be the greatest thing EBAY has ever sold. You can actually bid for the naming rights to Boston's Fleet Center for a day (Fleet was bought out by NCNB/ NationsBank/ Bank of America and they are looking for a new sponsor.

Yes, for 1 day, it is yours (name on the outside, name on the jumbotron, office, website and answering machine). The only uncool thing about it is this: all but 1 day they are offering the naming rights is during Disney's Nemo on Ice. So, instead of having a bunch of buddies over to hang out in the luxury box while the Celtics are playing and seeing your name in lights, you get this pleasure when a bunch of failed figure skaters are making fools of themselves and mockery of a wonderful film in fish outfits.

I would love to have seen the Fleet Center renamed "City on a Hill Center" while I was a church planter up there.

The day that has a basketball game attached to it is going for over $30K. I wonder why?

Link to the EBAY auction

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