Friday, February 11, 2005

Super Bowl of Decency

Okay no wardrobe malfunction this year, but the FCC (you know the guys who have ruined radio through deregulation, but that is another rant) still received complaints from this year's Super Bowl. Luckily, most of the moralists who called last year to complain about Janet Jackson did not call, but a few had the number on speed dial anyway.

Complaints about last year's Halftime show- 3 complaints (lemme guess: Gary Bauer, Don Wildemon and Janet Jackson's manager)
Cialus commercial -5 complaints (from wives whose husbands had experienced 4 hours of excitement) commercial with buxom brunette- 8 complaints (like they did not see this one coming)
Bored by Halftime show - 2 complaints (Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono)
Guy from Queer Eye in a Diet Pepsi commercial- 1 complaint (James Dobson, the LeHayes, Tony Perkins and Ronnie Floyd were watching the game together, but Beverly LaHaye knew the FCC number by heart so she made the call about Pepsi's gay Agenda)
Joe Buck's performance - 1 complaint (at least I know what Jeff Gentry was doing on the phone during the game)
and my personal favorite,
References to Drugs during Paul McCartney's "Get Back"- but none about his references to transvestites- 2 complaints (2 old preachers that first called in the early 60s when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan and they were corrupting America's children and still had the FCC on speed dial).

Just thought you would like to know.

FRC on Super Bowl

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