Monday, February 28, 2005

My Love for Fox News

I must admit I love Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. I have always appreciated the way he and his networks play the left and right against each other.

As Lewis Black pointed out last week, Fox shows the Simpsons episode in which Marge's sister comes out as a Lesbian and Homer performs gay weddings. 10 million people watch and laugh.

Then, during the next week, Fox News lathers up a different 5 million people with stories of the gay agenda in Hollywood and the evils of shows like the Simpsons, which are promoting this gay agenda. Brilliant.

And no one notices that it is not the "Liberal Media" propagating an agenda against "Christian values." It is an unethical right-wing greedy secular capitalist media. Brilliant.

Speaking of Fox, I finally saw Control Room last week. Control Room is the wonderful, even handed documentary on Al-Jazeera and its plucky journalists. The movie will raise your empathy level for those on the other side of the war. These Muslim journalists are no different from American journalists and Al-Jazeera is not the mouthpiece for Osama bin Laden (as Rummy says). In fact, this network is seen as American propoganda by many of the Islamicist leaders of the Arab countries. You know you are doing something right if both sides hate you.

If anything, these guys are an Arab version of Fox News. In fact, the Marine Media expert at Cent Com interviewed at length in the movie (and no longer in the armed forces, which is a shame- he is awonderful apologist for the war) says as much, comparing the nationalistic jingoism that Fox plays to for ratings to the Arab nationalism Al-Jazeera condescends to.

Seriously, watch this film with open eyes and an open heart.

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Bob Robinson said...

Leave it to BACK IN BLACK to point out the truth regarding FOX.

FOX is brilliant!

Thanks for the heads up! I may have to comment on this on my blog.