Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another Crazy Crusader, plus 2 films

My friend Mike sent this my way. Bono received a humanitarian award from a group of really smart people called TED (technology, entertainment, design). If you click on the above (or below) link you can check out (audio or transcript) his acceptance speech. Although it is much of the same things we have heard from Bono, it is still much more insightful than much we are hearing from our governments and churches regarding the importance of Western help for the "least of these" in Africa.

In the speech he touches on the war on terror, Bush administration, hunger and aids in Africa, the PR campaign the US should be doing in the developing nations, ways to stop terrorism before it starts, changing the world and practical ways to get there. It is an amazing speech.

Speaking of the "least of these" Kristi and I finally were able to see Hotel Rwanda (which resonates with Bono's speech). I will not give a full review, but I am with Brian McLaren who said that this film was more faith affirming to him than the Passion, and that pastors who told their parishioners to go see that film need to do the same with this one. I agree.

This film personifies the Gospel, especially Matthew 25, James 1:27 and the beatitudes.

Also, I have been a Don Cheadle fan for 10 years and hope the rest of the world now understands why I think he is one of the 5 best American actors working (not yet in the Jeff Bridges camp, but pitching a tent just outside). The humanity, grace and dignity he brings to the role is no less impressive than Jamie Foxx's work in Ray.

Please see this film. It is not cotton candy or dessert. This film is carrot juice with a full salad with sprouts followed by salmon on whole grain bread (and a glass of scotch afterwards- you will understand the scotch reference if you see the film).

It may not be sweet. There may be tastier things out there, but you are a better person afterwards, filled with something actually good for you.

Speaking of candy, the night before we saw Be Cool (my parents were in town and it was the first chance to see movies out in quite a while- we got 2 days of theatre experience). It is a hot fudge Sunday, quite delicious, way over the top and you get no nutritional value out of it, but you enjoy it while it is going down (Vaughn, Cedric the Entertainer and Dre 3000 are great- the Rock's part would have been embarrassingly stereotypical if it had been any actor not named "the Rock").

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