Monday, March 14, 2005

Riding Giants

If you have ever spent time on a surfboard, you must see this film.
If you have any interest in surfing, or surf culture, you must see this film.
If you do not understand why people surf and why surfing culture is important, you must see this film.

This is a great documentary documenting the early, glorious history of surfing, focusing on the big wave riders of yesterday and today instead of the big money, small wave, surf contest culture. Some great footage and interviews, along with profiles of the greats, such as Greg Noll, Dick Brewer and Laird Hamilton are included.

If you get the DVD, watch the special features.

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kidpositive said...

have you seen "step into liquid" yet? i was given the dvd for christmas. pretty great. it chronicles surfers all over the world, including great lake surfing (yes, there are waves on lake michigan), gulf coast surfing (that is, surfing in the wakes of oil tankers), and a bunch of other under-the-radar surfing styles around the world. oh yeah, they also spend some time with laird hamilton and all those guys on the big waves.

you know, to tell you the truth, i've never really seen a surfing movie that hasn't gotten me excited about surfing.