Monday, March 21, 2005

More on David Dockery's Classlessness

Will Samson comments on David Dockery's tacky "eulogy" of Stan Grenz (in those twin bastions of classy Christianity, Baptist Press and Crosswalk), wich I reported on last week. Sadly, Dockery, whom I had always respected, did not have the decency to respond to concern with more than a form letter.

We should expect better behavior from the leaders of Christian institutions. Another reason for me to be proud to be a Baptist.

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g13 said...

wow. i seriously doubt whether dockery could have found the courage to call grenz "unorthodox" to his face. fortunately for dockery, dead men provide easy targets.

if grenz was truly "outside the camp" in regards to "orthodoxy" or "evangelicalism," i'll be glad to join him on the perimeter.