Monday, March 21, 2005

Reclaiming America for Christ, continued

Thanks to Jordon, who does not even live in the US and has no reason to be frightened by the Christian Right (unless he is thinking of immigrating), comes this ABC News article on D. James Kennedy's Reclaiming America for God Event in Fort Lauderdale.

I reported on this event months ago (when it was promoted on the Baptist Press website). The event was as scary as I thought, with a distorted view of Scripture and History, along with a veiled attempt to create a theocracy in the USA and retake America and bring it back to its godly heritage (you know the godly heritage of slavery, women's subservience, witch-hunts, deistic presidents, adulterous presidents- Clinton was not the first- Washington and Jefferson were, Unitarian patriots, etc. You know, our Christian nation).

Among the scariest agendas is that of Vision America and its desire for Patriot Pastors (didn't Hitler try this out first). This neo-Christian Nationalism is a short hop, skip and jump from Christian Socialism.

It is also frightening how Kennedy's political agenda blinds him to the historical theology of his reformed heritage. He borders on heresy. For a simple to read book from a Calvinist theologian examining the Christian history of the US and its danger, read Michael Scott Horton's Made in America

There is also an attempt to bring the Bible back into public schools, since we know America was perfect before that (sorry African Americans- but you happened to get the right to a decent public education around the same time the Bible was taken out of schools- it was still better to these guys back then). My favorite part of their site is the attempt to Christianize Jefferson by making him an advocate for bringing the Bible back to school (maybe we can use his Bible which cut out the miracles and deity of Christ).

Check this stuff out for yourself
Reclaim America's website Kennedy's Theocratic Group
Wallbuilders David Barton's dangerous and heretical group which would claim to believe in absolute truth but disregards any truth in US history for a seriously flawed and dangerous bias.

I wish I was making this stuff up. For a historically reliable critique of David Barton's view of America's "Christian Heritage," click here.


Bob Robinson said...
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Bob Robinson said...

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Here's my comment again:

Way to call this OUT! I posted a few months ago on this as well (The Myth We've Been Told About the Faith of Our Founding Fathers ), quoting from an excellent book by Mark A. Noll, Nathan O. Hatch, George M. Marsden.

I wrote in to "Faith Under Fire" (Lee Strobel's new Bill-O'Reilly-type-show on the PAX network) last week when he had Barton on without a solid person to counterpoint him. Very frustrating!