Friday, June 24, 2005

Beach Snob Family travels to Myrtle beach

We are going to be on vacation in Myrtle Beach with Kristi's family from June 26- July 3, so my blogging will be sporadic. Actually, I have put together some drafts of a few blogs, including some great Wendell Berry stuff. When I can get to a computer, I will post these to keep up with the huge amount of traffic I recieve.

This will be my first Myrtle Beach experience (apart from a youth trip). It is strange to think of leaving a tropical paradise where you are minutes from many of America's best beaches, have palm trees and banana trees in your back yard and access to cheap golf to travel eight hours away to a less paradisical, non-tropical beach.

Pray that I not be a beach snob.

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DAVID C. PRICE said...

What the heck, you're on as snobby as you want :-) Have fun for the rest of us land-locked schmos.