Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Boycott Boycotts

In case you do not know who to boycott presently, the American Family Association has added Ford Motor Company to its list of companies to stay away from. My first inclination is, alright. AFA is joining the chorus of Christians dedicated to better environmental policies. Alas, this is not the case. It seems that Ford likes gay people.

Click here for Boycott Ford.

To find out what other companies you need to boycott, see this list by AFA (it includes Old Navy, Kraft Foods (but not for being owned by a tobacco company and contributing to the death of millions), Mary Kay (but not for its previous animal related testing or its use of the color pink- and dedication to making every woman look like she is from Birmingham), K-Mart, Carl's Jr. and Nutrisystem.

However, Disney is off the list. As a parent of toddlers I am so glad I can now spend $60 per person to hear children crying at the happiest place on earth, watch videos of films which will cause my daughter to want every toy with a princess on it she ever sees and walk around my house while singing Ariel's songs, watch ABC's Lost and stress myself silly. Thanks for nothing. Oops, I think I have been watching ESPN. My bad.

I am guessing they are GM people at AFA. I bet the CEO of GM is on their board. Luckily I don't buy American cars.

Now, if I add this to my list of PETA things I cannot buy, all the Sweatshop using stores out there, all the companies that are French or do business with China, N. Korea, Iran, Cuba, Burma and Sudan, Wal-Mart, non-fair trade coffee producers, companies owned by big tobacco, K-Mart, ExxonMobile, Movie Gallery, the Gap, KFC, Pepsi and Abercrombie and Fitch (a simple search on the internet will give you these and others), I can save whole lot of money.

Would someone bring me some food and water?

-side note, the news source used by AFA (maybe owned by them) is called Agape News- yes, God's infinite love News or Charity News. I love irony.