Saturday, October 15, 2005


regarding the Cardinals lack of offensive productivity, the classless pissing match the umpire chose to get into with Edmonds by throwing him out, the fact that umps wanted to change the direction of the game and the ending of the game on a close call that replay obviously shows the umps blew- which would have tied to game, at least.

To all of this I say....

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(that is what it looks like when you beat your head and hands on a keyboard)


Mike DeVries said...

As an Angels fan, I feel your pain.

aBe said...

I totally agree,


Anyone else feel that the Cards just look defeated out there?

Dustin said...

as a cubs fan, i don't feel your pain. i'm actually reveling in it.

ER said...

Definitely couldn't figure out the tossing of Edmonds. It was sort of like "Dad" returning after a hellacious day at the office, a terrible traffic jam on the freeway, and then taking it out on the first little sign of disrespect from "Junior."

The ump was just ticked off and Edmonds was there. It should never happen, but especially in a playoff game.

The Cards are not out of it yet. I still pick them to represent the NL in the World Series.