Monday, October 03, 2005

How We Sometimes Treat Our Soldiers

Thanks to Jordon for pointing to these stories (sadly, the media has moved on) on the tragic death of Pat Tillman (one of the better players my beloved Cardinals ever had). As you may remember, the death of Tillman was misrepresented by the US Military and covered up, until the President, Rumsfield, Army, NFL and Fox News had used his story to self-pleasure themselves and their multiple agendas. His family has had to live with the aftermaths of the lies told for the sake of a heroic news story in this propogandized war. Read here about disgusting affair of a man and his family that signed up for one thing and were sold a bill of goods on another.

If we "support the troops" then we must Support the Truth.

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marc said...


I heard about this the other day on a local radio station. I thought we were past the WWII propaganda days, but I guess some things never change. Trying to put a good looking face on something thats just plain ugly just makes it worse when you find out its even uglier than you thought. And I voted republican.

Also, I Haven't commented since the Brian McLaren Satire post... have you missed me? Have things been as exciting without my "righteous indignation"?