Monday, October 03, 2005

More Reasons Pujols is the MVP over Jones

"I know the argument for Andruw Jones as MVP is that, when the Braves were crumbling around him, he became a human tow truck, dragging them into first place. But did anyone outside of St. Louis notice that the Cardinals weren't exactly the coverboys for Health Magazine? Did anyone notice Scott Rolen, Larry Walker, Reggie Sanders and Yadier Molina were missing in action for weeks, for months? Did anyone notice that this team spent nearly 10 percent of this season with Yadier Molina, Mark Grudzielanek, So Taguchi, John Gall, John Rodriguez or John Mabry hitting in that cleanup hole behind Pujols? Did anyone notice that Pujols was the metronome in an offense that otherwise never found that 2004 rhythm? Did anyone notice that outside of home runs, Pujols blew away Jones in every major statistical category except RBIs? And did anyone notice that RBI gap might have had something to do with the fact that Jones got 46 more at-bats with runners in scoring position than Pujols (yep, 46) -- and it's a good thing, since Pujols hit .324 with men in scoring position, compared to Jones' (yikes) .209. I know that teams like the Cardinals rarely produce MVPs. But they produced one this year -- a fellow named Albert Pujols."
-- Jayson Stark, ESPN


ER said...

By the statistics, Derek Lee (sp??) is the MVP. Hands down. He was IT this season, defense, offense,__________. Pujols has had a great year, but looking at the same categories, you have to give Derek Lee the nod.

ER said...

Yikes, sorry that I missed your earlier post on this topic. No doubt Pujols has had a great year (below normal for him), I just think Lee has had the superlative season and I can't fault him for the injuries to Wood, Prior, etc.

Alex F said...

That's a good case for Pujols. I won't cry if he wins it. Naturally I still hope Jones wins and won't apologize for it at all. He's also worthy.

BTW - why is Willis just the marketers choice? He seems a worthy candidate to me.

You have to at least admit that Bobby Cox is Manager of the Year. Curious who you like for Rookie.

Rick said...

Willis and Carpenter are close to equal in my eyes.

I do give Carpenter the edge because of the consistency he showed all season and the number of quality starts. He also beat Willis and Clemens head to head. Lastly, he has 5 less losses, which is substantial (basically with 6 more decisions under his belt, Carpenter would not go 1-5). We are witnessing the real Caprenter today in the playoffs.

As for Willis (since all is pretty equal), he is a marketers dream over Carpenter for a number of reasons...

1. Youth
2. Athleticism
3. Style/ Flash- from the high kick to the way he wears his uniform, his smile and personality.
4. Demographics (there are entirely too few American blacks playing baseball and they need to come back).
5. Carpenter is quiet and workman-like. He does not seem as overwhelming, even though his numbers say he is (not as much a heat thrower as Willis).
6. Think of the commercials with Willis (think NBA or NFL). Think of the commercials with Carpenter (remember how many commercials Glavine got).
7. I will stop now.

With everything else equal, people go with style/ flash and the power of the dollar.

As for Cox, I think he deserves it, but Robinson should lose to him by 2 votes. Robinson's may have actually done a slightly better job in some ways as Cox (very close- but Garner has impressed me too).

As for Lee, he could win best player, but not MVP, since we usually look at the team. That is why Sosa beat McGwire in 98 and A-Rod has only won 1 in the past. But, his stats and Pujols' stats are pretty equal, so I give it to the one who lifted his team higher.

Plus, Pujols was robbed by a steriodian freak for 3 straight years. He must have 1 to begin the streak that will not end until he is a first ballot HoFer and the best baseball player of the past 50 years.