Thursday, October 27, 2005


And she is down...

Actually I feel bad for Harriet Miers. It reminded me of the time Babe Laufenberg, backup quarterback, became the Cowboys starter (nice guy, smart, good college QB- But, Soooo in over his head).

How can one president show such moxie in a brilliant decision like Roberts and remind us how close to incompetence he truly teeters. If he made this decision because Karl Rove is not around as much, I think I want Bush's Brain back in office.

On a much more serious note regarding the Religious Right and Republican Party and their incredible hypocrisy , see my friend Will Samson's post Sex, Power and the Gospel. Although I have written ad nauseam on this same subject, Will's freshness is due to his former position deep within Republican Party and RR politics. The Clinton thing actually started his journey out of the depths of the RR.

Very few right-wingers have a good response to Will's (and my, along with Jim Wallis') indictment of their hypocrisy. Usually the only weak, knee jerk response we get is to attack Clinton, Pelousi and the Democrats. And, ouch that really hurts me and Will, seeing that we have no loyalty or history with the Democrats or Clinton. I hope some of the loyaltists (who always say they are not- but still quack like a duck) will respond to Will's insight.


Bob Robinson said...

I recently blogged about the "strict constructionists" that are hypocritical in ignoring the Constitution's 6th Article that says, “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”
If they were so into strictly interpreting that Constitution, then why is Dobson and Sekulow so intense on demanding the White House appoint an evangelical to the court?

Thanks also for the link to Will's post. I missed that one, and it is so very spot-on. It seems to me that the hypocrisy in the Religious Right is due primarily to their will to power. I'm amazed hom much "the ends justify the means" for those who are called to live with Christian integrity! They are so convinced that their political ends are righteous that they allow for all sorts of morally questionable (at at times, simply morally WRONG!) means in order to get there.

Jordon said...

Thank you for reminding us what is really important in this debate, where did Babe's career go bad exactly? Same with Rick Mirer's? How many fantasy pools did I blow because this was Mirer's breakout year!

ER said...

I haven't read the linked post yet, but just to offer an idea on Dobson and company's demand for an evangelical appointee (although I am not sure if they have demanded it, it wouldn't surprise me if they did): It is not a violation of the constitution to ask and push for an appointee of a certain judicial philosophy or worldview among the qualified candidates. In fact, I would hope that anyone interested in the direction of the SCOTUS would let their voice be heard to those they helped elect in Washington. If the voters don't, then they will have no room to complain should their desire not be heard. If they are saying, disregard everything other than religious views or judicial philosophy, then that would seem different to me.

I probably haven't expressed this very well, so I will check back in a few days to clarify some of these ideas. I see your point in the extreme, but not in the realm I described.

batman said...

an interesting rumor/thought i came across was that bush nominated miers as a half-hearted attempt to nominate a woman, fully knowing that miers would never be confirmed. assuming the confirmation began and then failed miserably as we all know it would have, he nominates another very conservative male judge in an attempt to stock the court with roe v. wade overturning votes. everyone has already heard this as well most likely. just thought i'd toss it in nonetheless. i agree with you dj word, roberts was a brilliant nomination.

batman said...


as a self-described right winger, i personally rest easier with republicans in office. if for no other reason than the fact that republicans "say" that they feel abortion is wrong and their policies seemingly attempt to keep life, no matter how new, sacred. the fact that these high level republicans are being exposed and their wickedness is now front page material as it has been on the washington post the last several days, comes as absolutely no surprise. the leaders and people in prominence or the public eye will never, never bring us Truth. that is to say, bring us a glimpse of Christ, lead by example and put forth His teachings and be a vessel for His love compassion while publicly leading a Christ-like life. public personas will always gain the individual portraying the persona money and power, not Christ and not a furthering of His kingdom. what is happening today is an outrage. plain and simple. the public world and the political world are falling apart before our eyes. i believe the Lord is ever so quietly calling His own out and away to Himself.

what i find most disheartening about the linked article is that as a republican as mr will is, if he were to attack democrats, he would be labeled as a right-wing conspiracist trying to bring down democracy and establish facism. a dramatic label i know, this is how i feel politicians respond. why can't politics cease to be winning little battles or concessions within various and numerous debates and become a sustained effort of focusing on similarities. not republican or democrat, free american. not catholic or protestan, lover and believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. there are differences among us to be sure, but they never unite us, we should focus on the things that do.

Rick said...

Andy (or Bruce), I find the final few sentences a similar frustration to many I know and they are not only a nice sentiment, but very well spoken.

The only disagreement I have is with the statement that "if he were to attack democrats, he would be labeled as a right-wing conspiracist trying to bring down democracy and establish facism."

This is terribly blind to the fact that if a democrat loyalist were to say similar things about Republicans, he would also be branded similarly. It happens daily. I can point you to many places.

Neither side can have hard things to say about the other side without risking attack. That is the same on either side. There is no difference except the lens through which we look.

However, to respond to the charge that saying bad things about the left brings about a backlash I turn to the horrible creatures of talk radio and Fox (Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly), they say these things daily without fear of reprisal (which I wish would happen to these men and their horrible shows).

Thanks for coming and sharing.

Rick said...

Thanks Bob. I agree 100%.

Jordon, I don't think Babe ever had a good career,. but his stats for Dallas when he took over before Aikman was drafted were among the worst I have ever seen. It was the worst case of "in over your head" I ever saw.

Of course, Babe was never supposed to be great, like Mirer was. Mirer would be like Judge Roberts flaming out as a justice, good stats and pedigree with little major leage ability.

batman said...

too true about the left being bashed under similar circulstances.

the lens through which we look is all too true as well. i enjoyed and appreciated and agree with willzhead's perspective and insight on the uncovering of the many skeletons the men of the gop possess as well as their utter and hypocrisy. i find it all but impossible to believe that men in power don't have things to hide. i label myself as right wing but by no means does that imply i have loyalty to that side of the debate. one of the things that i feel has been chiseled in my mind while living in d.c. is my own opinion of the political debate. something i never thought i would have coming from the lone star state and having parents who are more than disinterested. "straight republican!" that's the texas voting motto. its funny how such a politically charged environment can change one's thinking despite all efforts to the contrary. its funny also that the television show the west wing started it all for me. by the by, my in-laws now live really close to you in hernando beach. small world huh?