Saturday, November 12, 2005

Right Wing Mouths Gone Wild

As the holiday center opens this week at the ministry I serve, two old friends from Texas visiting and our son beginning his 6th week of chronic ear infection, I have very little time to watch or read the news. However, thanks to the front page of MSN and a little TV, I was given the opportunity to find out that 4 of my least favorite mouths promptly stuck their quite large foots into those well-educated but undisciplined, crass, opportunistic mouths by making their typically crass remarks, using an opportunity for education or enlightenment to push an agenda of hatred (in the final 2 cases), political gain, attacks upon those not patriotic enough and greed.

Bush, on Friday, decided to take the annual Veteran's Day (you know the day he opted out of of ever being a part of when he used his connections to serve in the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam and serve a Republican campaign in Alabama during his service) presidential speech to attack the integrity of those who would question his motives and poor intelligence handling leading to the fiasco in Iraq. To use the presidential pulpit for political payback on a day when politics should be shoved aside to honor brave men and women serving in the armed services shows how "out of touch" this man is.
news story
listen for yourself

John Stossel, the right wing know-it-all masquerading as a journalist for 20/20 shows once again why he cannot be trusted and why the MSM is not liberal in last night's 20/20 episode in which he Delays the anti-Wal Mart crowd with a segment filled with half-truths, innuendo, slight of hand, brush-offs of serious arguments, name-calling and low-ball emotional coercion, all to defend Wal Mart and corporate greed. I wonder how closely he worked with Wal Mart's PR department. Shameful.

To respond, take the chance to see Wal Mart, the High Price of Low Cost near you this week.

You have probably already seen the Id we call Bill O'Reilly showing his true colors as a xenophobic, anti-free speech, anti-any disagreement with his talking points pompous arse once more this week with his attack on San Fran to be the victims of terrorist attacks.

If he worked for a Real News Network, he would lose his job. Click here for the story.

Lastly, what can we say? Hopefully Senile Pat Robertson shows once again why he would probably have been an inquisitor or witch burner in a previous life with his warning to a small town to expect disaster after deciding ID is not science. Link

Remember it is the Left Wing Media pumping this stuff up. The fact that these stories are out there is no indictment of the Right Wing, but an indictment of the Left who cannot ignore this stuff when it happens. Remember, these incidents are nothing when compared to the remarks of left wingers. The only difference is that MSM does not pick those stories up. I apologize for pointing out the supposed sins of the right and not the many-fold sins of the left wing this week. I am sure there were many left wing media personalities using national holidays for personal political gain at the expense of men like my dad, promoting major corporations in the guise of news and calling for the destruction of American cities and towns. But, as I said, I have been busy this week and missed all of those. I am sure Hugh Hewitt, Fox News and WND will point them out for us and remind us how wrong I am about the stories I mentioned.

Ahh, I feel so much better.

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