Thursday, November 17, 2005

takes one to know one

The Dark Prince himself, "Honest Abe" Dick Cheney attacked Democrats yesterday calling their allegations of the administration misleading the US into the war in Iraq "one of the most dishonest and reprehensible charges ever aired in this city." link

Quite an overstatement that this is among the biggest lies in Washington's history. Heck, even if this were not the truth, it would pale in comparison to some of Cheney's. The hypocritical Mr. Cheney, whom would rather the US public see his administration as incompetent (2 choices, incompetence and dishonesty- I used the think the latter, but I am becoming more and more drawn to the former) than dishonest.

Of course, as stated before, if anyone knows what a liar looks like it would be "pants on Fire" Cheney. Among my favorite Cheney mistruths would be saying he had never met John Edwards before he debated him. For just a few of Dick's whoppers click here , or here for more general political misfactualizations (like that?) spend some time at Fact Check to see what Cheney, Bush and everyone else lies about.

In the same story stated, President Bush tells reporters he agrees with Cheney's statements. Of course, Bush has told some whoppers during his time in office. I do not have space to list my favorite of Bush's lies. so, click here for just a few, and a few more. Okay just a few more.

am i saying that only bush and his administration are liars? No. i am saying that bush and his administration are the latest in a long line of lying presidents and cronies. they just seem to have turned it into an art form that causes liars like clinton, johnson, nixon, bush 1, reagan and kennedy to pale in comparison. i am so glad they have restored the dignity to the office of president that was lacking under clinton. if no one holds these men accountable in the press, congress and the public, then future administrations will realize that there are very few consequences for such actions and take it another level which will make today's spin machine, doublespeak, pr, obfuscations and attacks of the messenger seem quaint by comparison.

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