Thursday, December 29, 2005

post-Christmas reminder of the War on Christmas (sorry)

While entertaining a large number of family members in our modest home throughout the holidays and wrapping up the busiest time of my life (work-wise) in our Holiday Center at MM, I have not had much time to surf the internet, watch television and blog. During that time I missed the WMD of the War on Christmas lobbed by NYT's Nicholas Kristof at Bill O'Reilly.

Seeing that I stay as far as humanly possible from Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and the AFA (along with their insane "war on Christmas" drivel)- and all I know about this subject is what Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert tell me, I had missed the catfight between the respected columnist (and non-ideologue) Nicholas Kristoff and the new McCarthy Bill O'Reilly (I can only pray his media ending is similar to MCCarthy's), who offers nothing positive to television or radio, over O'Reilly's defense of 200 million persecuted Christian American's faith and Jesus himself in his outrageous "war on Christmas" campaign, by being reminded by Kristoff (in his column A Prayer for Bill O'Reilly) that there is a true war on Christianity happening... in Darfur. He was taken to the woodshed by a man who is his superior in every way. The only way Billy boy could respond to the truth Kristoff told was to bully and name-call (which is what such useless media personalities usually do). My favorites from Kristoff...

"Perhaps I'm particularly sensitive to religious hypocrites because I've spent a
chunk of time abroad watching Muslim versions of Mr. O'Reilly - demagogic
table-thumpers who exploit public religiosity as a cynical ploy to gain
attention and money... And I always tell moderate Muslims that they need to
stand up to blustery blowhards - so today, I'm taking my own advice."
Thanks for putting into perspective Kristoff. And thank you for taking this bully who knows nothing of Biblical Christian faith, but instead spreads a nationalistic patriotic pseudo Christian Gospel to task.
Link 1 gives an outside perspective
Link 2 gives us the arrogant blowhard's response to Kristoff (it is all about him, huh?).

By the way, on Christmas Day a synagogue served the families of MM a wonderful dinner and took the opportunity to wish everyone "Merry Christmas." Yes, I was wished Merry Christmas by 37 Jews. So, O'Reilly really knows what he is talking about.

The conservative Tampa Tribune takes O'Reilly, the AFA and their minions to task in its Christmas editorial What Would Jesus Buy At Wal-Mart?.

A School District in Wisconsin slandered by O'Reilly issued a press release with the real story about its version of Silent Night.

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Bob Robinson said...

And James Dobson missed the point about the "Happy Holidays" issue as well.