Thursday, December 29, 2005

End of Year, part 1

Over the next few days I hope to post on a number of year end occasions and fetes. I am also working on 2 posts I hope give yoou something to talk about. The first is a posting on Intelligent Design and the misguided attempts to get it accepted through political means (next up, February is Black History and Intelligent Design Month).

The second post I hope to finalize is on the Bully Theologians, such as Al Mohler, who use Talk Radio tactics to dismiss those with honest differences of opinion.

A few End of Year Odds and Ends

As we end the year, the best rant by someone not named Rick (yeah sure) is Kieth Olbermann's "City of Louisiana" rant from September. Link. I only wish I had his prowess with a keyboard when I get pissed off at the inanity around me.

Also, NPR gives us the Year in Review from political cartoonists. link

Speaking of political cartoons, Tom Tomorrow gives his impression of the year in review in Part 1 and Part 2. I feel much the same way, sadly.

On a happier note, NPR's All Songs Considered, the only podcast I listen to religiously, gives us their lists of the year's best CDs, according to their listeners and contributors.

Many others chime in with their year end lists, including Dustin Bagby of Tampa, formerly a new York hipster, 3 Hive, Pitchfork, Stereogum and a local reviewer I respect, okay, another local guy I like.

In the next couple of days, I will contribute my favorite CDs to the end-of-2005 lists (it promises to be eclectic, with enough hip choices to keep up my cred and enough mainstream choices to maintain my image as an independent thinker).

Linda McGreevy, a former youth in the church I served in Virginia shares her Top 10 in the comments section. Feel free to share yours to or make comments, especially towards her warm feelings towards BEP.


ER said...

Rick, I don't know if you are a big fan of SonVolt. I love their first three albums (R.I.P. Uncle Tupelo). Regardless, they have a concert on the AMC website for free, legal download. Great stuff if you like the alt-country thingy.
Glad your Christmas was great, even if you were in a "modest" home:-)

Linda Mc. said...

top ten list: (i beat you to it)
10 - Pixel Revolt, John Vanderlice : It doesn't flow well enough to be placed any higher on the list, but all is all is a brilliant mix of ironic synth-pop.

9 - Several Arrows Later, Matt Pond PA : has the mellow feel of a good rock album, but also the edge of the indie revolution and enough going on to remain unpredictable throughout

8 - X&Y, Coldplay : I know, I know, it's not as good as "Rush...", but it is pretty damn good. I mean really, just because it's a "stadium album", doesn't make me lust for it any less. Plus you can't sell out if you were never truly underground.

7 - Descended Like Vultures, Roge Wave : A lesser known member of sub pop, but one you will her from in the very near future there is no doubt. And when you do, it will be from this album.

6 - Late Registration, Kanye West : No, he's not my number one, and yes, actually I like College Dropout better. But I am in love with this album non the less, particularly the Jon Brion evidence

5 - Monkey Business, Black Eyed Peas : Who woulda thunk it? A band I detested until I heard this album in full. Taken as singles it is undeniably lame; taken as a whole it is smooth like butter. And the Sting and Jack Johnson mixes are pure killer.

4 - Hotel, Moby : maybe I'm a bit biased because I saw him tour on this album, but people are not talking as much as they should be about "Hotel". Maybe because it came out so early in the year? It made me want to be a vegan, if just for a day.

3 - Come on and Feel the Illinois, Sufjan Stevens : Holy Cow. I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy this album. Sufjan made quite the splash this year, and I for one am glad to have gotten hit with the wave.

2 - Plans, Death Cab for Cutie : No self-respecting indie wannabe could have a top ten list without this staple. I honestly mean it though, it's not just an image thing, this album makes me want to be a better person.

1 - Demon Days, Gorillaz : this is what was meant to be done with music notes. As Spin says "Demon Days is a sinister, slinky, folk-disco-hip-hop-pop-punk expedition through badly damaged terrain-". I say that's all you can really ask for from an album.

yes? no?

Linda M. said...

after listening to both albums this morning, I've decided to switch #5 and #7. I forgot to post my disclaimer on being able to do this for up to a month.

And clarification needs to be made on the fact that this is my personal list, not a list for the ages. It's what affected ME in 2005, I don't claim to be able to determine the albums that affected the world as a whole (I'm sure Rick will try that one). Thus the BEP appearance; I held a very firm anti-BEP stance before listening to Monkey Business all the way through. So the delta change is what makes it a top ten-er!

but enough hijacking of Rick's space.

Bob Robinson said...

Thanks for the links to the cartoons.

I feel guilty laughing! If only it weren't really so sad.

Ahhhh...I love satire though!
Can't get enough of that John Stewart either...