Friday, December 30, 2005

a couple of things

I am wearing shorts today. I wore shorts yesterday upon coming home from work. If you live in New England, you may be envious. However, this weather is overrated.

I own a jacket. I have worn it a total of 8 days (and it is a light jacket).

I did not let my numerous readers know when Ryan and Holly Sharp spent a bit of time with us. Ryan's house concert was a smashing success, with over 30 people packed into our small living room, many buyers of his wonderful CD and an eclectic selection of church goers and non-church goers, liberals and conservatives, retired military and pacifists, drinkers, smokers, tea-totalers and new friends.

Ryan reports on the occassion here, with pictures (and a shout out to Marley).


Christian said...

I enjoyed the concert and felt like you and Kristi have a great ability to blend people from all walks of life and perspectives. I sense a maturity about both of you being able to befriend so many different viewpoints and call them friends. This made the concert a success.

Ryan is a good musician and songwriter and seems to have a good spirit. I appreciate his POV and his attitude in sharing it.

Hey have you seen my newbie Blog yet?

g13 said...

a jacket rick? if memory serves, you have more jackets than anyone i know.