Friday, December 30, 2005

Church Shark Jumping

A few days ago Gentry asked when Lost "jumped the shark?" This brings a question to my mind?

When do churches jump the shark?

For most of these postmodern seeker churches, I think the answer may be...before they even start, like when they come up with a name, or an initial sermon series or advertising.


g13 said...

dude, churches with names like the g spot will never jump the shark. who doesn't look forward to those kind of "worship experiences?"

Bob Robinson said...

They jump the shark every time one of their CEO Pastors / Executive Pastors / Senior Pastors (or whatever other term they use now--reminds me of the funny things people and meetings are called in the book "Post-Rapture Radio")--goes to the latest and greatest conference on how to grow their church or reads the latest book from another pastor who "broke the 5,000 barrier." They change everything all over again and jump another shark.