Wednesday, January 18, 2006

latest on Darfur from NPR

I know I have talked ad naseaum in the past about the situation in Darfur and slowed down during the past few months. However, the media is much more on top of the ball than it has been in the past. In fact, NPR has been doing a fine job keeping up with the situation Sudan (and Darfur in particular) the last few days (yes, this is how I spend my short commute time- I have had to find something else to listen to since Howard left celestial radio:).

So, if you are not familiar with what is happening, or would like to educate yourself a bit, here are a few reports worth listening to, so you can keep abreast to the situation and know how to pray and to respond individually.

UN Envoy seeks help on Darfur violence.

Sudan returnees carry horrific memories. In Southern Sudan thousands of the Christians returning home after the 21 year war tell stories of torture, rape, etc. At the hands of their Arab captors.

New post-war threats for refugees.

Trying to educate girls in Southern Sudan. Links to other stories at the bottom of this article.

If you are new to this blog, or the situation in Sudan, good places to go to catch up include:

save Darfur (which includes a daily news update)

blog of daily info on Darfur- this site holds any info you could want

bi-partisan efforts in Darfur

12 things you can do about the situation in Darfur


ER said...

Yeah, this morning's interview with the lady who had been raped and beaten was horrific...and she is but one...
I cannot fathom what had been allowed. I am meeting with a missionary who just returned from Sudan and is now stateside due to a heart condition. Houston is one of the largest areas of refugees in the States. He is working for now. May we all respond as God reveals our cowardice to each of us.

ER said...

Sorry for the brain lapse, I have been at work for 18 straight hours and just got home.
The ministry he is now serving in is . in case the anti-spam thing is ruining the links...

ER said...

How do you put a normal link into these comments without losing the inserted text????

Rick said...

The only html I know is what I copy from friends.

So, i have not idea. I have always wanted to do it right, but have never been able to. You have always been a bit more tech savvy than me.

Alex F said...

Did you notice that Mohler blogged about Darfur this week? Thought you might be curious.

Rick said...


Took him enough time. But, I am glad.

I hope he is not taking time to dig at someone on his agenda.